Welcome to our special Ultimate Questions. You have come to a good place for thinkers!

How did we get here, where are we going and what are we to do in the meantime?

We all have questions about life on earth.

Recorded as a monthly series in Spring/Summer 2022, we take one big question at a time and analyse it culturally and also chiefly with reference to God's Word the Bible.

What about suffering or the God question? Is religion more of a problem than a solution, or how do we handle the taboo subject of death? How can we ever feel good enough and what is life all about anyway?

This series of 6 short video talks is an honest attempt to grapple with questions people are really asking today. We trust you find it thought-provoking and beneficial.

Please email contact@dundonaldbaptistchurch.org if you have any questions or come and visit us on a Sunday.

Question 1 - Is there anybody out there?

Question 2 - Can we make sense of our suffering?

Question 3 - Is Christianity the Problem?

Question 4 - Is there hope in the face of death?

Question 5 - Does my life really have purpose?

Question 6 - Will I ever be good enough?